Things to Do in Mamaroneck, NY!

When You're Out in Mamaroneck, NY for a Visit to Our Service Center or Looking for a New Toyota Vehicle, Here Are a Few Ways to Make a Day of It:

Here's one fact about Mamaroneck, NY: if you've never heard a local pronounce it, chances are, you don't know how to. Here's a hint: if you see nearby mothers looking your way, you're saying it wrong. Lucky for you, anyone here at DCH Toyota City can give you a good, authentic pronunciation.

We have other skills, too, like our winning customer service, friendly demeanor, and deep knowledge about all things Toyota! But when you come out to our Mamaroneck, NY Toyota dealership, why not make a day of it? Sure, no one really looks forward to getting their oil change, but when you pair that with picnic at the Weinberg Nature Center, it sure sweetens the deal!

Here's How You Can Turn a Trip to the Dealership Into a Fun Day in Mamaroneck, NY:

If you have to tackle some minor maintenance, you might catch yourself dragging your feet, especially if it falls on a weekend. Well, one way to combat your lesser nature is by turning a chore into a day of fun! Book a service appointment for late afternoon, then consider grabbing lunch at the Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club beforehand and spending a little time at the Larchmont Dog Beach with your four-legged friend!

You can also turn a day of new-car shopping into a relaxing and rewarding adventure by coming to us in the morning, finding your new Toyota Prius or Toyota RAV4, and scheduling a relaxing massage at Hand & Stone Massage & Facial Spa or Shiatsu Spa so you can head home on a cloud of pure bliss—and well relaxed from your massage!

What About Winter Visitors?

While a trip to the shore is the natural way for anyone visiting Mamaroneck, NY in the spring or summer, what about those fall and winter folks? There's still plenty to do in the area and tons of ways to stay warm (or to have so much fun, you don't care about the cold!). You could schedule your test drive around a big, filling meal at the Sedona Taphouse. Looking for something a little more upscale? Le Provençal Bistro on Mamaroneck Ave provides a classy, cozy setting with upscale French cuisine—the perfect first-stop after buying your new Toyota Avalon or Avalon Hybrid.

Not to leave anyone out, Mamaroneck has plenty for families to get involved in, so don't leave the kids behind when you head over to test drive your next family vehicle, like the Toyota Sienna minivan. If the kids are small, The Voracious Reader will keep you and your little one warm and entertained, and since A Proper Cup is attached, warm tea to sooth you, right through the next door—literally.

There, whether you've got maintenance on the mind or you're looking for a great new Toyota vehicle, making a day out of your visit to Mamaroneck, NY is a fun and easy way to turn what might seem like a chore into a rewarding, relaxing day. Make a meal of it, hit up the spas, or bring the kids out to the beach. We want you to enjoy your day in Mamaroneck, so don't forget to stop and smell the roses while you're out here…or at least smell the ocean—we hear it's good for the soul.